I won the lost luggage lotteries 

So this blog was going to end with what I had leant queue heart felt up lifting music, however this story is far to funny not to share.

So I check my bags in at McCarren on to flight X, I then get bump d to flight Y (due to the craziness of the weather) but my bags don’t get swapped over. Thus I never board flight X because on I am Y, so my bags get taken off and are currently still in Las Vegas. I guess what luggages in Vegas stays in Vegas 


Things I have leant 

  1. Traveling alone rocks, it great to be able to do what you want when you want to.
  2. Make sure you have a cheer squad for when you are feeling sad, or overwhelmed. Beloved and all of my friends and family helped me tons when I was just stick of it
  3. Always do a stop check before you leave any where, it will stop you leaving valuables behind
  4. Always check the weather before you go somewhere new, weather can change dramatically in a small distant
  5. -40 is the same in both C and F (luckily I did not expirence this first hand, just a fun fact)
  6. The Grand Canyon south rim is higher than mt kosiocco BEAWARE of  mountin or altitude sickness because it is no fun
  7. It can snow at the Grand Canyon aka SNOW on CACTUS 
  8. It is far easier to exit the states than enter 
  9. Americans love Australian espically the women, use your powers for good ?
  10. The 23rd of December is the busiest day of the year for LAX

The flight home

So after the excitement of getting to my flight home, it was a case of hurry up and wait. I find my seat, a window seat at the back of the first section on cattle class. It is quite a nice spot no chairs behind me so my seat leans backsso far plus I can go back forward, as much as I want because I am not effecting anyone else.

We wait for a good hour on the Tarmac of LAX the rain is coming down in sheets, there is runway closure due to weather earlier in the week and it is the busiest day of the year for LAX.

The food is not to bad, which make sense because the Americans have lots of practice in making food which is not way looks anything like its ancestors. The honey chicken and rice was passable (paid for worse at uni cafeteria) and the breakfast sandwich had American cheese which automatically make anything tasty. Far Far better than the Australia food when I flew over that stuff was worse that starving


I turned up early to the car rental return place, because I did not know how long it would take to return everything and catch a shuttle to the airport, it turned out to be super quick, but you just never know.

I had to use the kiosk to check in and was served by the rudest person ever, who asked me why are you at this desks when I said hello, I said I need help checking in because I don’t have an e ticket number and thus can not use the self serve computers. No awesome seat for me on the way back. 

I pass though security with out on issue and catch the monorail to the correct terminal (so cool !!) wondered around, snooped all the shops and then settled in at the recharge bar (seats in front of a desk with power points) for my 3 hour wait. I write, chat to the people that come and go, talk to beloved and then decide I was ice cream before I bored my plane so set out looking for ice cream, which was really had. Settled for burger kings Hersey sundae pie, which was odd, as I am walking back, stretching my legs before more seating I absently check the departing board and notice that the flight number on my bording pass doesn’t match the board all the other info is correct, but not that so I go up to the gate explain my situation and told no I am on the 6pm flight not the 5pm and it boarding down the way the other end of the corridor (sound familiar) 

So new gate time, I find and find the plane is delayed 30 mins, then the plane is struck on the Tarmac at LAX, then finally it get to McCarren we border and we are stuck on the Tarmac, because of congestion blah blah blah, worry about missing my connecting flight. All works out in the end

Originally I have 3 hour layover in LAX, which I was looking forward to snooping when I arrived I had just enough time to clear all the entry checks and then exit checks to the domestic, as it was I landed with when my plane was boarding and got a paging call when I finally reached terminal 2.

When I entered the USA I had to clear immigration, grab my bags, clear TSA  and then get my self to the domestic terminal, bag drop, clear TSA again. When I was leaving, I got a shuttle bus from terminal 2 and my bags were transferred me. Thus the Americans don’t trust the security procedures at McCarren international airport to protected them i.e. Check passengers into the US but they are totally happy with security standard for other country’s.

Burger review

Starting with the shake shack, I started the great cheese burger hunt. 

I will not retouch on the not MacDonald burger that shake shack was it was magically delicious, great crisp frys and the burger had an excellent balance of or the all elements. The bun was a little to oily for my taste, it was a little OTT

The burger after bullets was great, American dinner at its best, was much bigger than its city cousins. I ate 3/4 and wanted to DIE !!!!!!!so worth it

The varian cafferteria burger with American cheese, was surprising good (far better than loco polo*) it was super greasy and the cheese was made of something not of our world but it was super tasty.

The Wendy burger, was tasty the weakest of the bunch but still tasty and was the quick to get.

In n out burger was described to me as the quintessential west coast burger, IT HAD SECRET SAUCE instead of mayo, it was amazing !!!!!!!!!! Chips were nasty tho, over cooked and oily IKKK !!!!!!
*loco polo is a cross between nandos and red roster, it was awful !!! The chicken was dry, stingy and some how really greesey on your finger. It was the worst food I had in the states and does not deserve any more words

Vegas exhibition: a retrospective

So after enjoy the aquarium (Shark Reef) at Mandalay Bay so much and my general disinterested is “shows” I decided to investigate another exhibit. I went to the Luxor ticketing booth and was talked in for getting a 3 for $57 deal, which I liked because the cheap tickets to cirque du Soleil (insert stupid work here) were $45 plus tax.

1:  Titanic: The Exhibition @ Luxor – Real Artifacts, Treue stories. 

This exhibition focusesed on how people interacted with the Titanic and used the artifacts to punctuate they story, this was an immersive expirence, which sounds super dumb. BUT was fantastic !!!!! You start off in the drafting room of Harland & Wolff ( the Belfast shipbuilders) it has floor to ceiling  photo (those vinyl wall wrap ones) of me. At work at drafting tables and all the display case look like desk and book shelves, you walk from here to a “dock” with wall being the a CG reproduced photo of the Titanic, it feels like you are walking next to the ship, if you look up your view is “blocked” by gang planks and the bight light of the “sun” so it feels like the ship just keeps going up ( you can hear the noise of a dock and seagulls and waves, all very stuble and the loop is long enough you do t hear the same thing all the time, feel very natural)  all the display cases are traveling trunks and suitcases. The next section is 3 class cabin corridor, with the noise of the engine and there is vitrators in the floor so the floor chugs along with the noise, this section has bios of some passengers in 3rd class as well as a cabin diorama. You the head though a 2nd class reading room, first class suite (mocked up to be full size, it was HUGE) first class dinning, the board walk, with stars !!!!!  (Each room was made to look like it was larger than it was using wall vinyls or mirrors, often you had to open doors to shift from one room to another.

These room really whisk you away to a world or luxury and glamour and thus when you walk into a dim room, with black walks and just the words ICE BERG ahead, you suddenly remember what happens to the titanic. This section has a scale down model of the Titanic and the iceberg and the ships in the area.

You then wonder around “underwater” to the resting place of the Titanic until you come to the show stopper the “big piece” (don’t blame me I did not name it) it is the largest section of the Titanic to be raised, it is 20 ton, 8 m x 4.5 and when you look at the diagram to see where this section was on the titanic it is a tiny little section !!! The last thing you do is check to see if “you” survived the Titanic. Each person that enters receives a boarding pass, when you get to the end there are massive boards of 1st, 2nd and 3 rd class passengers as well as crew. I was a 2nd class lady and survived (my brother and fiancé did not)

2: Bodies: look deep inside you self

This exhibition 13 preserved human bodies and over 260human organs. The specimens has been preserved with various polymers and thus soft tissue can be preserved. I was amazing to see a Skelton with all the cartilage attached, it look like it could attack at any time!!!!! The organs that had had the blood vessels filled with plastic and the. The organ was rotted away thus leaving the highway behind, however the problem I had with this exhibition is that all the whole specimens were male, only in the reproductive section did you get 2 women (one was pregnant) and you got a female pelvis which did not have the clitorus labeled (FYI iPad don’t have clitorus in there dictionary) it piss me off this denial of female sexuality, the clitorus is an amazing complex organ, why was there no in depth view of this organ  (ie the clitorus by it self) the penis got 3 different Point of view.  You could hold a preserved brain, which was cool. Not cool was the person curating this station (in a white coat etc) was happily agreeing with this random dude that taking colloidal silver is a necessary because we don’t eat with silver table wear any more and thus don’t get silver the natural way anymore 

3: Town & Country: From Degas to Picasso 

A audio tour of a fine art gallery, how glorious !!! So I got my culture vulture on and learned about art, on a side note the curator was funny and engaging the bloke that apparently needed to introduce her at every paint was a SNOOZE feast. Here are some fun art fact

  1. In the 1800s better roads and improved railway technology provided access to the country side to the middle class, previously on,y visited by the elite and royalty. This lead to the birth of domestic tourism in France and thus going out to the country was the thing to do, but tons of city people did not want to go to the county becaus it was dull (as they still did not have access to the manor houses and A grade parties) the British horse racing industry saw an and “exported” racing to France, thus giving the city folks a reason to go to the  country. This mis where the idea of horse racing being the sport of kings come from, it is pure marketing 
  2. Robert Earle Henri had a special painting kit that would allow him to oil paint a small portrait (7×10 cm) then snap it into a drying case so he could continue snoop Paris ….. instagram oil paint style
  3. There is a photograph (early example of this technology being used as an art form) that was was copywritten in 1857, so next time some wanker try’s to tell you commercial art is a new concept that is ruining everything, smack them up side the head

helicoptor tour

last day in Las Vegas and I am off on a helicoptor tour of the vegas strip, hoover damn and the grand canyon. 

I booked this tour, which i got a killer deal at a pharamacy that sold beer. So i have been a little apprehensive about if things are actully booked, the shooting I did had a bit of a bump (i was not told that arizona was an hour ahead of Nevada) so I was starting to lose my  mind, when at 5.45am my pick up had not arrived. so tried to call rhe company and not surprising no one answered at this ungodly hour of the morning, but then i noticed at the pick up was for 5.50 not 5.30 so you cool ya tits.

The limo arrived at 5.51am and had 4 very annoyed brits in it that I was intruding on there personal party.

Sundance helicopters is pumping approx 40 people in the waiting lounge, I am hoping I am not with the brits on my tour. 

which may not be an issue because the storm that caused the rain yesterday has lead to a heavy low cloud celling that is grounding the helicoptors 😰  

The 7am flight is cancelled, book in  for the 9.45am one which is also cancelled after the 8am flight has to turn back due to bad weather over the canyon